Hey, developer!

We, too, exist :’(

They say everybody is fighting over developers nowadays so we got kinda worried but luckily we had started to create our new home page last year. Now we are ready to fight!

**tu BAM!!!!
prkl BOOM!!!!!

Developer, you should come to work for us coz we have all kinds of cool things here like developing works, paychecks and soda. Though, we’ve heard that other companies have those things, too. We also have different kinds of dudes here. Other companies do not have them. So we guess that is something that makes us different. So if you have heard about letters J & S together, apply!

How to apply...?

In a very modern and #digital way through this api thing:

Make a POST-request to endpoint https://rekry.io/api/send. It would be great (a.k.a required) to include the fields below to the request:

  • name: string, min 2 name of the programmer
  • email: string, valid email programmers digital mailbox
  • phone: string programmers telephun
  • url: string programmers home page or another #digital documentation about programmings (GitHub / BitBucket)
  • description: string, max 1000 free form biography of the programmer

You can test the request before sending at endpoint http://rekry.io/api/test. A succesful request returns status 201 and a succes note.

Applications will go through a Digital Letter as a Service straight to #digital spreadsheet software and the applicants will be contacted directly. Check out the registry extract.

How to apply to other IT companies...?

We’ve heard that there are all sorts of inter web forms to apply to different IT companies. We wanted to be part of that, too. May the best employer win!

Fancy inter web form